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4 Reasons to Have Business Cards

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Do you have a pocketful of business cards with you at all times? After all, you never know when you will meet someone with whom you would like to share your contact information. Having a business card will ensure that you never miss an opportunity.

Here are four things to remember:

1- You want to make a personal connection

Having an in-person meeting, sealed with a handshake and a business card exchange, is much better than any digital connection. Physically sharing your business card with another person provides for a more personal connection. Giving them your business card will provide an easy way for them to get in touch with you and to follow-up on a conversation you had.

If you are tempted to skip purchasing business cards and go digital instead, remember that business cards are always accessible, whereas you might not have a good connection or the battery in your device may need recharging. Also, you don’t want to appear rude and disconnected when you look down and type into your device. You want the other person to think of you as a real person, not a device.

2 – Business cards are an effective direct marketing tool

Business cards are the most effective direct marketing tool. Think of them as a miniature billboard, small poster, or tiny postcard. Giving someone your business card will help them to remember you better. Business cards also provide additional promotional opportunities. The person you share your card with will be able to refer to your business card later, and even share it with someone else, which will increase your marketing efforts.

3 – A business card is the first impression of your brand

A business card should match your brand as it serves as a first impression for your business. Having a business card that is easy to read and printed on good quality paper is important. Tailor your business card to the type of industry you work in. A business card for a doctor or lawyer should be more conservative than other business cards. You want to have a memorable business card that feels right for your business.

4 – Show that you are prepared by having a business card

Having a business card helps provide legitimacy to your small business. Business cards show that you are a professional. You come prepared, especially to networking events. Looking for a piece of paper to write down your contact information for someone will not win you any points.

If you need or want to get new business cards, realize that creative business cards get shared more often and that a unique business card will fuel the conversation even further. Don’t forget that you can use the space on both the front and back of your business card. Your business card is a marketing expense and you should put some effort into making sure that your card is unique and memorable. Reaching out to a graphic designer to assist you is always a good step.

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