My name is Annette Lange. I started Lange Art & Design because I want to help small businesses be successful.

The owners of small business have so many different tasks to perform for their business: sales, marketing, inventory, customer service, accounting, etc. I believe that they should concentrate on what they do best and get assistance in the other areas. When you work with me, you only need to hire just one business to create your logo and brand identity; handle your website design, development, hosting, and maintenance; and work on your print and digital design projects.  

I want my clients to be successful and I can do that best by becoming a strategic partner.

Annette Lange

What I Do

Businesses need to stand out in order to attract new customers. 

Human being has five senses, but I think that sight it the most important sense. People see things  before they hear, smell, taste, or touch. So your visual communication is key. Even though you can take care of this on your own, most people find it difficult and time-consuming because these do not possess the necessary skills and tools.

I create brand identities and logos, create websites, and design both printed and digital materials.