Indigo Tang Logo

Indigo Tang Logo and Website


Adrienne Roman was starting a new small business called Indigo Tang Social Media & Digital Marketing. She needed a website so that she could be part of the digital world and to tell the world about her new business. She had tried to create a website on her own using Joomla, a CMS platform. Much to her dismay, it was not as easy as she would have liked. She also needed a logo that would represent her brand. She wanted to use the colors Indigo and Prussian Blue in the logo.


I created the logo first. I used a silhouette of a tang fish with a gradient using the two requested colors. The tang points to the right, looking towards the future. Bauhaus type was utilized for the company name in a darker shade using lower case letters. In contrast, a version of Arial Rounded in a lighter value and upper case letters was utilized used for the description text. Then I created a WordPress website. I chose a simple and flexible template for the website. I used a photograph of a school of “blue tango” fish on the home page to represent her brand. I used the logo colors and added a bit of orange for an accent color. My client is happy because now she can easily maintain her site on her own and has a better web presence.