Pastel Society of New Jersey Logo, Website, and Brochure


The Pastel Society of New Jersey needed a new website and a new webmaster, as their current webmaster had just moved and the old site was no longer functioning. Michal Barkai, the president of the society, reached out to me. They wanted to be able to provide information about their mission and activities, as well as provide a membership application and galleries highlighting award-winning paintings. They needed to have a website that was easy to update and maintain as they change webmasters every couple of years. While working on the new website, I discovered that the organization’s logo was 10 years old and not very scalable, making it difficult to use on its marketing materials. The small jpeg file for this logo had gotten stretched out of shape over time.


I volunteered to help out. I designed a more professional and modern logo but kept some of the elements from the original logo. The intertwining letters show that they are a community and the use of three monochromatic colors in the same color family as the old logo shows that they are growing. I also created a second variation of the logo with a blue background. I decided to use a platform designed specifically for artists and created a custom site that met all of their needs. The new site was vibrant and modern and attracted visitors, who enjoyed looking at the images of pastel paintings. Members were able to easily find the information they needed. Later on, I also designed a membership brochure for this group.